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This extraordinary body of work breaks new ground and crosses genre lines. Part fantasy, part science fiction, part systems science, part women’s studies, and wholly fascinating, it’s a complex tapestry of characters and stories revolving around the breakdown of the natural world on the planet Webbd. Reminiscent of guides and teachers such as Joseph Campbell and Clarissa Pinkola Estes, these books take the reader on a journey through the human experience of birth, relationships, breakdown, death and renewal.

Beautifully textured and embellished with mythology, legend, symbology, and occult from around the world, Jennifer weaves an extraordinary tale of choices, consequences, learning, resilience, complexity, and ultimate redemption. The Webbd series is filled with familiar characters from folk, fairytale, and oral tradition, as well as new characters and stories entirely her own. Structured around the pagan Wheel of the Year and Tarot cards, the story of Webbd is sprinkled with magic and marble lore.

Readers will be entranced by dwarves, shapeshifters, merfolk, gods and goddesses, and unforgettable animals as the cast of characters connect, cooperate, solve problems, conflict, and face personal and social challenges.

The Webbd series brings together those concerned with complexity, permaculture, holistic management, emotional intelligence, feminism, identity, authoritarianism, spirituality, social power dynamics and relationships, and the ways in which our stories shape our lives.

The Webbd Wheel is currently published serially in Substack on Jennifer’s new site, A Stone, a Web, a Story. A free subscription allows you to read weekly installments of the books, access archives, and  get a behind-the-scenes look at how these books were created with weekly posts. If you are interested in subscribing, follow this link, and thank you!